The success of Streeshakti forms the basis of Swayamshakti, a project that harnesses women’s craft skills to generate economic and social empowerment.

Our basic product range draws from a distinct style of Bengal embroidery applied to the creation of coverlets. The ‘lep kantha’ of old involved poor village women sewing together layers of old cloth with running stitches. Their meticulous artistry transformed worn out rags into extraordinarily beautiful creations that could withstand further usage.

The intricate geometry of our design and the near absence of folk motifs continue to be a notable feature of Muslim kantha-making traditions of Murshidabad.

  • Because it is a GREAT buy
  • Because buying enhances the self-worth of women stepping out to earn independently for the first time
  • Because you agree that awareness only empowers when it generates food and dignity at the end of the day
  • Because your contribution helps women use traditional embroidery to literally ‘needle’ structures of domination
  • Because you become part of an initiative that unites
  • women with each other and connects them all to a school seeking to educate them and their children
  • Because, if all these reasons work for you, then you would have helped us demonstrate the benefit of education in the only way tangible: linking it to equal opportunity and to justice

Six reasons for you to buy a Kantha from Katna

Economic and Social Empowerment through women’s craft

The label Kanta's Kantha represents the collective effort of over 1500 women - members of a growing network from over 22 villages in the Burwan & Khargram Blocks of Murshidabad’s Kandi subdivision.